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The Mining / Contractors Package • Insurance

The Mining /Contractors Package, administered through Integro Insurance Brokers for PDAC members in good standing, is designed to address all of the insurance and risk management needs of Canada's mining industry: private or public, exploring or operating, contractor or equipment provider. Because each member has a unique risk profile and risk tolerance, the PDAC program provides multiple options and flexibility with tailored service to ensure your insurance aligns with your specific needs.

Mining is an inherently risky endeavour and unforeseen events happen but through the PDAC insurance program you can protect your people, your balance sheet and your ability to operate.

The following is a partial list of insurance coverages that are available to PDAC members (please click on each type of insurance for a brief description of the coverage).

To apply for insurance from the exclusive PDAC Mining / Contractors Insurance Program please complete the applications provided for the types of coverage of interest and submit on-line to or call Integro Insurance Brokers at 1.855.619.8088. When you have submitted the completed applications you will receive a call shortly thereafter from a broker specialist at Integro to discuss your specific requirements and objectives.

Applications can be submitted online however we recommend a conversation with Integro Insurance Brokers in order to ascertain the appropriate level of coverage required for your organization.

For Directors & Officers Liability please complete this application (click here)

For any or all of the below coverages please complete this application (click here)

  • General Liability
  • Property/Equipment
  • Contractors Equipment
  • Canadian Auto
  • Kidnap & Ransom

For non-owned aviation insurance please complete this application (click here)

For all other types of insurance please contact call Integro Insurance Brokers at 1.855.619.8088

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